The STEFFI Crosser & See Me Training arms
Designed and Created by a professional 
NYS School Bus Driver of 24 years.

Can You See Me - Training aids

These child-like arm with hand that a trainer places under the bus so trainee has to give full focus on what to look for before putting ​school bus in motion.

These will be called “Can You See Me”. This new concept is very pertinent, (relevant or applicable to a particular matter) and that would be in a school bus driver’s training, etc.

This item can be used for 19A instructors to teach all drivers on what to look for, not just to look in all mirrors for “any person” in the danger zone of a school bus, which, if one is checking the mirrors they will see what they “expect” to see... a person standing upright in view. This new
item basically trains the driver to look beyond the “expected”, a child possibly retrieving a “dropped” possession from underneath the bus. We know this action has destroyed lives. 

“Can You See Me” can be placed at the instructor’s discretion, whether it is deliberate or propped without the driver’s knowledge.... instructor mentioning to driver in training
“before we move the bus, check your mirrors, do you see anything”? If driver claims there is something, instructor then can say “secure your bus, take your keys and check it out.” When driver see’s what it is... reality strikes hard and is unforgettable making safer drivers.

This training leaves an imprint, impact on the driver that a child could have been there. You get the gist. This item called “Can You See Me” can be used in many ways of training. Supervisor Perry Oddi from the Lake Shore Central School District in Angola, NY has been planting them on random buses in his fleet, insuring that his drivers are doing a thorough bus inspection before
they leave the yard. He will hide one of these behind the back seat, under seats, etc. And has had an overwhelming success with his drivers finding the item during their pre-trip. Driver is unaware that one has been placed on their bus, and it keeps all drivers doing what is expected from them, and keeps drivers on their toes.

When a supervisor implements them to check on their drivers, a tag is placed around the item stating “If found, return to Supervisor”. The driver is to call in immediately after finding, to claim they had found one. (Implement a code word to use over the air). 

This idea came to me when I was with a group of fellow employee’s on one of our buses in the “mirror training station” where we learn to adjust our mirrors properly so we get the best and accurate views of the danger zone with painted circle and cones on the asphalt outside our buses. I thought... “why don’t we use human like props, other industry’s do to get the best out of training”, like a tactical type training, focusing on something out of the ordinary in ones surrounding’s. One should expect the unexpected. 

“Safety First” are not only two words just said.... It’s a whole lot of “Actions” behind it.

Check out the attached photos and find the “Can You See Me”, through
my school bus mirrors, when you do.... that’s the reality!  ~StaySafe My Friends~

If You Don't See This - You Don't Cross
(always reminding students to look both ways first, before they cross!)