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The STEFFI Crosser & See Me Training arms
Designed and Created by a professional 
NYS School Bus Driver of 24 years.

Place the elastic loop at the top around your middle finger. Then place the STEFFI on the back of the hand with the gray reflective arrow facing up right. Place the elastic strap around the wrist and fasten the Velcro so you have a custom comfortable fit. It is ready to be used. It is that simple.

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The STEFFI Crossing Enhancer can be worn on top of your glove or under your glove until you are ready to remove your glove to cross your students. In the AM you will wear it on your left hand and in the PM you will wear it on your right hand. You may choose to wear two STEFFI's if you cross students from both directions, or need to safely guide your monitor when they are assisting students crossing to and from the school bus.


If You Don't See This - You Don't Cross
(always reminding students to look both ways first, before they cross!)

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Using a STEFFI

Preventing A Dragging Incident

We performed a student Dragging experiment using a weighted test dummy after a rash of actual occurrences to test how and why this was happening.* This is not an actual dragging event